Shanti Foundation

Shanti Foundation has been working since 2015 during the mega earthquake in Nepal providing relief and medical facility support to the earthquake most affected districts. Shanti Foundation was legally established in 2016 by sex trafficking survivors and HIV-infected/ affected women promoting the health, safety, and protection of vulnerable and high-risk women and children. 


Each person in the world has equal human rights from birth. Shanti Foundation's vision is a world free of stigma and discrimination where all human trafficking survivors and HIV and AIDS infected/affected women, youth, and children will lead a life of quality and productivity with equality and freedom in society.


  1. Advocate for the right to health. 
  2. Respect and value human dignity and human rights.
  3. Support the empowerment of trafficking survivors, HIV/AIDS infected/affected, vulnerable and high-risk people to self-determination.
  4. Promotion of social justice, gender equality, and inclusion of all people.
  5. Provide support and services to people living in hard-to-reach communities and districts.
  6. Develop safe, secure, and resilient communities and districts.


  1.  To create awareness and support the prevention of trafficking, HIV, and sexual and gender-based violence.
  2.  To rescue, rehabilitate, and reintegrate trafficking survivors and people living with HIV.
  3.  To provide psychosocial counseling and accessible treatment to HIV/AIDS-infected/affected women, youth, and children.
  4.  To coordinate and collaborate with national, bilateral, and multilateral organizations to reduce gender inequality and for the promotion and protection of human rights.
  5.  To develop technical and vocational programs leading to sustainable livelihoods for people living with HIV.