Freedom is a fundamental right, everywhere, always. Everyone should be able to make choices about their lives and how they live them.

Human Trafficking is one of the oldest, most immoral, serious crimes and human rights violations. It has been continuously committed from the ancient period to now. It started from the slavery system in the world, but the purpose and modus operendi of it has been changed with changing of political, social, and economic structure and the development of transportation and communication. It is a violation of the right to liberty, freedom, and security of a person as well as a crime against humanity, and society and it is also against the whole human civilization.

The latest report on Trafficking in Persons from Nepal’s Human Rights Commission, 2022 estimates that around:



People were the victim of this crime including



are at risk of human trafficking 

“The main forms of trafficking are for the purpose of sexual exploitation, forced labor, and removal of organs,”- UNODC. Shanti Foundation looks at the root causes of human trafficking and does everything to protect victims and prevent trafficking.


Rescue – Shanti Foundation in coordination with the Anti-human trafficking bureau of Nepal works to rescue minors from situations of human trafficking. Shanti Foundation rescue team gathers evidence daily putting their own lives at risk, by going undercover in suspected places of exploitation. The rescue team works with the Anti-human trafficking bureau to rescue the minors after gathering enough evidence.

Protection – The trafficking cycle cannot be broken without attention to the rights and needs of those who have been trafficked. Appropriate protection and support should be extended to all trafficked persons without discrimination. Shanti Foundation provides safe and adequate shelter that meets the needs of trafficked persons ensuring that trafficked persons are provided with the assistance and support necessary to ensure their well-being, facilitate their social integration, and prevent re-trafficking.

Prevention – We need everyone to be aware of how it affects them, and what they can do to stop it. Shanti Foundation is committed to this and works to strengthen the capacity of government bodies and the community in combating human trafficking.

Partnership – Shanti Foundation works in collaboration with government bodies, local, national, and international organizations working in anti-human trafficking, and with other key community, figures to combat human trafficking.

Policy - Law is not enough, we need to develop policies and procedures that allow legislation to be effectively implemented. Shanti Foundation works for the necessary policy development and changes on local, and national levels that address each P more directly, which then achieves the goal to support and sustain anti-human trafficking efforts.